I've partnered with Reebok and Footlocker to celebrate individuals who are out there changing the game. It's a celebration for those who define their own success- for those who chase after far-reaching goals and dreams drafted by the creativity of their minds and judged not in comparison to the success of others but by their own rules and standards. That- is changing the game.

Because the "game" doesn't exist and if it does, it's simply the game of life for which there are no winners. There is no one way to achieve success, because success- like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder. I get a lot of people who ask me how I have gotten to where I am now and it always takes me by surprise. Here I am- struggling to be financially stable and barely holding on to what I love to do while balancing school, work and a social life and someone is wants to know how I'm doing it? My answer is always the same- "I am far from where I want to be. I am not yet 'successful' in my eyes, but I am extremely grateful for where I am now." Everyday- every single opportunity- is a learning experience. I do not think there is a final platform for success. I believe that success lies in the growth of the individual- how far they have come and what obstacles they had to overcome to achieve it. To that measure, I have had successes. However, everyday I discover a new opportunity for growth and the distance between me and success seems to grow wider. The last few years of my life have taught me to accept that distance and to take success in small steps. Because if you stress yourself over the big-picture end goal, you'll never get there.

Moral of this rant? Don't hold others up on a pedestal and measure your success in comparison to theirs. Everyone grows at their own rate and goes through different life obstacles. Only you can know if you've been successful. Once you've conquered and accepted that simple fact, obstacles won't come across so hard and life won't seem like a losing game. Don't hinder yourself from happiness. Do yourself a huge favor and appreciate the small accomplishments and in time, your success will come.