FIDM-Day 1

purdy-1 IMG_7227 IMG_7223 IMG_7222
CityAmour bustier. CityAmour skirt. Vintage belt. shoes from Taiwan. Vintage jewelry. Oasap ring.

My very first day at FIDM's 3 Days of Fashion event in Los Angeles!!! I learned so many new things from these "workshops" they offer, they didn't seem like classes one bit. If classes are like this at FIDM all the time, forget NYU, sign me up for FIDM! (Just Kidding, NYU will always be my dream school <3) True story though- I actually drew something more advanced than a stick figure and it didn't look too bad.. i hope haha. Met two amazing fashionable people---> Marika & Maria!! (visit Maria's blog here) Above are a few pics I got to take (sorry for lack of pics, everything was moving so fast!) And yes, yes I am short. even when I am on my tippy toes. lol.


noraaradi said...

You look pretty!

LoveT. said...

Thank you for the nice Comment ,i follow you since a While with GFC and love your Blog ♡ :)

Unknown said...

Love your look and love Barbieee!!! great post! Kisses darling!

Lilli said...

You look great Cindy! Just love ur skirt!! Lovely style!:) I follow you back with pleasure!:) Kisses and have a good day dear!:) xoxo

Unknown said...

Hi Cindy! I love your outfit... Thank you for following. I'm following back. Have a nice day and see you soon. Xoxo V.V.

Diana said...

Love your dress! It's a lovely summer color!

Can you please visit my blog and tell which watch you like better?

Many thanks!!!

Joanna said...

Cute outfit! You look so pretty!

Would you like to follow each other?
I follow you now:)


Janna said...

You look gorgeous!
The bustier is so cute xx

Tqa London said...

Barbies!!!!!!!! I love them! Lucky you!

Pratishtha Durga said...

Glad you had a wonderful time. I know, if only real education could be so much fun!

You look adorable, really!!!

Meera said...

That skirt is absolutely gorgeous! Incredible photographs. It sounds like you had a lovely time!


LOLA FINN said...

What a lovely post!! :) Really nice pics about Barbie ;)
Dear, you look so awesome! I really love your outfit!
Thank you so much for your nice commeent you left on my blog, cute girl ;)
xoxo from Munich

Selvaggia Capizzi said...

I am sooooooooooooo in love with that skirt!!!!
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Paulina said...

You look so pretty:)

Shloka Khialani said...

Oh wow! FIDM :)
Looks so nice! All of it!
Following youu

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Unknown said...

I love your dress!!

Following you dear and would love if you check mine and follow back if you like :)
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Elekon said...

You look fab!

great blog you`ve got here! following you, hope you might follow me back:)

Unknown said...

That is so neat! I love your outfit too.
Also I'm super excited to follow you via GFC and I hope you'll return the favor! It would mean so much coming from you (:

xx Amber

NTiwow said...

Thanks for visiting and following back, apprieciated it a lot.
Like these photos! Of your and your friends outfits, and the barbies! Looks great.
Have a nice weekend.


Christine said...

Awww- looks so fun! I haven't ever been to a workshop like this! You look gorgeous ! Love the top and the sheer bottom!

I am now your NEWEST follower GFC! I also have Lookbook, twitter and Bloglovin! I hope you can stop by my blog, let me know what you think(always looking to improve) and follow me back now too :) HUGS from USA! I look forward to your visit!

God bless,

The Dragonfruit said...

Aw man, that sounds like such a great event to attend! I'm jealous :0
Haha, lucky you.
Anyway, super cute outfit girl. The floral bustier is adorable, and the black skirt is a must have basic! ♥

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Unknown said...

love your outfit! the braided belt is such a nice touch :) if you like my blog too, do you want to follow each other? xoxo jess

the muse and the ladybug said...

love this outfit!