assorted thrifted tank, jeggings, jewelry, and vest | T.J Maxx jacket | Just Fab boots
         It's day two here in San Francisco for me and my friends, and I'm starting to think the weather here is really not that bad. In fact, I could say it's quite similar to the chilliness of L.A nights currently, with wind thrown in. Wandered the city and piers of San Francisco today, I learned a few things. 1) there will never be enough perfectly plain walls throughout a city for blogging pictures, 2) The $4.25 churros of SF do not live up to the taste of even half of its worth, 3) Taking Instagram pictures from the sunroof of a car while driving on the Golden Gate Bridge runs the possibility of having your new iPhone being blown away into the bay, and 4) You can never eat enough seafood or sourdough bread here. ever. 

Bare Necessities

Chanel fold-up flats | Apple iPhone 6 | Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet | Aldo handbag | Book by Christine Montross

I am proud to announce that my blogging business is back! I have invested in a new remodeling of my blog and image, and will be working toward a more minimalistic direction of clean lines and simplicity at its finest. On the topic of simplicity, my friends and I have decided to take a New Year's road trip to San Francisco, and since we are squeezing into a compact car, I have decided to pack the bare necessities (unless you count my overstuffed suitcase of clothing of course). A good book to read for on the road, a pair of throw-on flats for when your trendy shoes are getting to be a little suffocating, a wallet for all your splurging needs, a carry-all bag, and of course the handy dandy new iPhone for convenient picture-taking and social-mediaing (and yes, that is a made-up word). Follow me throughout my adventures through my Instagram and my blog posts here!