Fifth Avenue

IMG_6495 IMG_6504 IMG_6503
dress c/o Lulu's (similar)|shoes c/o Lulu's (splurge or save)|bag from T.J Maxx
Finally getting back to updating my blog, after going through a severe case of early senioritis... haha. I opted for this classy and sophisticated outfit for my visit to the Bollare showroom (post), and for browsing Fifth Avenue. Walking down 5th Avenue really lets you embrace the feel of New York City, and it did not disappoint! All the luxurious stores of both high-end and average clothing and shoes satisfied my tourist antics, and I left with a wallet as light as a feather. A quick visit to the Craftbar a couple blocks down to take part on the last day of NYC's annual Restaurant Week, and indulged in my $25 three-course lunch (yum!). I'm definitely going to remember this specific day in New York, and can't wait to revisit this in the future.

East Coast photo diary

A few pics from day two of my East Coast trip, pics from D. C and Pennsylvania. Excuse this slight deviation from my normal focus of fashion and myself to focus on a more still-object post. I will be working on actual human posts as well my long overdue magazine/lookbook while you adore ducklings and building corners and whatnot.

Clarks style statement

For Love and Lemons top c/o The Trend Boutique|thrifted coat via Crossroads Trading Co.|Big Star jeans courtesy of Bollare|Clarks boots courtesy of Vogue

Finally back from my hectic East Coast trip, now to catch up on blogging, homework, etc before my senior year of high school starts... so excited! I have to say New York was a wonderful experience... asides from the creepy guys on the subways. I'd better hone my self-defense skills before I move out there. All in all it's a wonderful place, just very different from my bubble-city of a hometown, where subways are unheard of and everything's so quiet and homely. Here is an outfit I have styled for the Clarks style statement campaign, mixing my obsessions of oxblood shoes and faux fur coats. These boots I can see styled with jeans, skirts, and dresses, and just about any kind of clothing for the fall. Like my facebook page to see more of what I've been up to and what's coming this year!

NY photo diary: part 1


Dimepiece beanie|Obey muscle tank c/o Lulu's|jeans borrowed from my brother|heels c/o Lulu's (similar here)

My first day in New York and it was absolutely wonderful. Mainly looked like an asian tourist with a huge camera around my neck and my parents wanting to take a picture in front of every wall possible, as if brick walls in New York were any different from brick walls in LA. I'll be uploading an East Coast photo diary of my overall trip, or simply a daily photo diary if I manage to stop sometwhere with Wifi, mainly the trusty Starbucks, which, fortunately, seems to be planted at every corner in New York. Heading off to a few other east coast states before coming back to New York- travel alongside me and keep up with my daily outfits on this here blog as well as my Instagram! @styleologie

U.S Open

Romwe top|shorts courtesy of Hanmattan|boots from Taiwan

My racy attire for a racy event full of surfers and skaters and an overflowing crowd of L.A native beach bums, me included. Of course, changed into sandals for a more suitable get-up for the sand and whatnot. It was my first visit to U.S Open, though I practically live right next to Huntington Beach. The visit is mainly and irrevocably due to the fact that my best friend can drive. and has a car. Big news: I'm launching an exclusively online magazine, for the teens and the college-goers, with trend reports, inspiration, and ideas with every issue! Find us on Facebook HERE. The first issue will be our August issue, but will be released into the first/second week of August, since I have not yet compiled a staff of contributors, and I am on my own for this issue.. Please check it out, like the page, and stay tuned for when it is launched! xx

Icis Living

Had a fun, casual, by-the-pool kinda Sunday afternoon, sitting poolside amongst other bloggers sipping lemonade, eating burgers, ice cream sundaes, and candy, and mostly lounging around in a stretchy hammock that seemed to be part-trampoline. Highlight of my day: getting to sit in a huge swan floaty in the pool, managing only to get my feet wet. Gifts courtesy of Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Thursday Friday, Lulus, Pati Dubroff, IT factor, Capwell & Co, Stur, and Sole Society. Will be wearing/using many of these goodies soon, follow me on my instagram (@styleologie) to keep up with me in New York and the rest of the East Coast this August! 

Cobalt Blue

blouse from mexy (similar)|top from sil (worn as skirt)|sandals from Threadsence


Gypsy Junkies shorts|Vintage jacket|thrifted tank|Gypsy Mobile Boutique sunnies (similar)

Spent my Independence Day volunteering for the city and running the "tatting" booth.. and ended it with funnel cakes and a late-night BBQ with the family. A pretty good day overall- Happy fourth of July!

sparkle & glitter

dress c/o dressestylist

This dress is absolutely my fave thus far. The pleats and intricate beading at the top call for a sweet yet classy look, perfect for a dance or formal party. Anyone can wear this dress and in this color and pull it off. This is definitely the dress of the season!

photos by Raena R.


vintage jacket (similar) | shoes from Threadsence | dress from Sammydress | Ralph Lauren belt | PinkBasis clutch

front view will be up on my Lookbook! Now is a crucial time in my life to choose and prepare for whatever my next step in life is, whatever and wherever that may be- so prepare yourself for a roller coaster of emotions and crazy adventures as I document everything on this blog. It's time to live life up, before it's too late!

photos by Amanda E.


Thrifted sunglasses (save here, splurge here) | Romwe top | Zara-inspired skirt from Jessica Buurman | Calvin Klein heels | Steve Madden bag (similar)

Girls night out of blissful ice-cream and pasta eating, served with a side of funny waiters. The Rainforest Cafe takes me back to being a little kid, running out thinking that the gorillas were real. Happy Birthday to my friends Sky, Raena, and Lauren, enjoy your last year as a "teen" until we're legally adults. Summer is finally here, and It's got me reflecting on how I've lived my teen years, and to learn to cherish what's left of it. It's almost time for college, and I can honestly say I am now mentally prepared for whatever happens, and that whatever disappointment, happiness, and sadness will come as it may, and the best thing I can do is just let things be. 

photos by Raena R.


Insane Jungle tank / Jessica Buurman skirt / thrifted flannel 

Too bad I couldn't get any pics long-way for easy-posting, so I had to delete three good pics to save your eyes from scrolling down the entire page to read the post haha. Took a school field trip to brunch at The Grove, shopping in Topshop, and wandering around LACMA. Wearing white-on-white is my latest obsession, and if I had a white pair of chunky Wildfox pumps I would've thrown that in as well. Today was also beyond sweltering, and the white helped me ward off heat more than if I was wearing my usual darks. Overall good day, but I'm tired and have three stories to write for Journalism class, so I'll cut this short- bye!

photos by Ana M.

cuffed denim

Ray Ban sunnies / thrifted belt / Zooshoo blouse/ Wetseal jeans / Pinkbasis heels /The Twist Band hairtie

Hey all! Decided to change up my way of posting yet again by revealing the full post on the front page! Whaddya think? Do you prefer just showing one image linked to the rest of the post, or just all at once? Let me know in your comments! Me and my friend Jamie kicked off our 4-day weekend with a trip to Mimi's Cafe, EAT cafe, and Ulta. Scored a free smoothie from EAT- thanks JC! I am now officially announcing that I will be back on regular blogging, as often as I can- please forgive me for the inconsistency in my posts! Being in high school and the stress of getting into college can really take its toll. Just want to thank all you readers who are still here supporting me, I really appreciate it- Hugs and kisses to you all!

photos by Jamie Janchoi

white lime

  Just finished another week of testing, right after AP testing week... I swear, my brains going to fry up any minute. Posting a real short and quick excerpt today because I gotta run to a 3-hour long cheer practice. This outfit I wore one thing I practically never wear- denim jeans. You might think "everybody owns a pair of jeans!" Well, I do, I just prefer not to wear them what with my athletic short and stocky legs and the fact that I don't like to constrict them into stiff denim in the early mornings. But recently I've been admiring pale denim for the spring/summer, and when I saw these Articles of Society jeans, I practically jumped for joy. I've never felt confident in jeans, but prancing around this pair (not literally) made me feel like a honest-to-god lady. Plus it was super stretchy and comfortable!  And psst, does my hair look a little less flat than usual? I sure hope so, because I've started using a new volume-boosting shampoo/conditioner, a post to come about that!

wild at heart

As you might be able to tell, I am ecstatic over the fact that AP TESTING IS FINALLY OVER!!! This was my first successful chink-a-dink candid photo I have ever taken with me laughing and managing not to look like a piglet stuck in mud. Today I wore my favorite go-to casual/cool brand Wildfox for the day after I took my last AP test as a means of celebrating my brain-deadness. School's still in session, but I am just so over it- AP testing has really drained my brain power, if that's even possible. But I have SAT on June 1st, so I'm not completely done just yet... but enough to get back to regularly blogging without the stress of having to cram what seems like a hundred presidents and their years and policies into my brain. To shop Papertine's amazing Wildfox collection, visit their site here.