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My fave collection from my latest designer obsession- IRO combines the perfect mix of classy chic with casual nonchalance, each piece easily becomes a necessary basic in any wardrobe.

casual florals

Another lazy Tuesday at school- I swear my brain's gone dead and flown off to summerland while my body is stuck at school. But I really have to focus because college applications is right around the corner! Agh! college!! And to add to that burdensome stress, I have to worry about my SAT, ACT, AP testing, the club I'm running, cheer, an internship- I won't bore you with my incessant listing of things I have to do. There's just so many things in my mind all at once it seems I can't narrow down a single thing! In summary= I'm stressed. Can you tell in these pics? 

designer spotlight: casper&pearl

Starting to a new series on the blog under "designer spotlight", featuring designers/brands I'm obsessing over. This designer spotlight focuses on casper&pearl, an Australia-based designer label. I'm seriously in love with their sweaters and 'Lennox' dresses, inspired by a mixture of the 70s and vintage. Not only is their line of clothing summer-ready and coachella-perfect, each item seems to be made for layering- each sweater made for every dress and vice versa. I'm definitely adding their items to my long list of things-to-buy-someday. 

Monte Carlo (long post)

In love with these Monte Carlo heels from Threadsence, my most recent purchase. Feeding my newfound obsession with sandals and everything oxblood, including this skirt. Took a whole lotta photos and couldn't decide which ones I liked, so I limited down (yes, this is limited down) to these pics. I think I'm enjoying my new camera lens a little bit too much.

The Half-Tuck

First monday back to school from spring break calls for a blog post- casual school outfit. Would've probably enjoyed this day a little bit more if the wind wasn't so intent on making me flash the public. I felt like Marilyn Monroe for a good half of the day!

J Brand: Design Movement

This here, ladies and gentlemen, is a true depiction of beauty in fashion and art.

Comfy Knits

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