OC Fair take #2

Romwe sunnies (similar here & here) | Vintage shorts | thrifted mesh top (similar here) | City Hunter cap 
     The fitting casual throw-on outfit for a hot, long, and tiring day wandering the OC Fair for the second time this month, mostly on the hunt for the sought-after Fried Cookie Dough. Yes, me and my group of friends did wander the entire park looking for those measly three bites of unhealthy goodness. For eight dollars and a degree of exhaustion, we finally got what we were looking for after asking an employee at a random food station. For any of you who are interested, Fried Cookie Dough is located at "Chicken Charlie's"- why a chicken shack is the only place that serves the bombtastic dessert is beyond me. On a side note, if you are looking for that 'Parental Advisory' top from my previous blog post at a lower price, you can get it for only $34 here! (your welcome) Enjoy the last few weeks of your summer shenanigans!

Merely Sweet

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F21 Hat | H&M Top | Topshop Necklace (similar) | Thrifted Skirt (similar) | Ralph Lauren Bag | Wholesale-net shoes (similar)
     Spending a cool summer evening at Downtown Brea sipping mocha milkshakes from Bruxies and nibbling macaroons from Merely Sweets while admiring the unfitting yet beautiful christmas lights adorning the summer palm trees brings me to one conclusion: Days like these with friends like that are truly irreplacable, and these calm, normal, blissful moments are what need to be treasured for a lifetime. I am lucky enough to be going through one of the most memorable stages of life at this time- the summer between high school graduation and entering college as a newborn freshman is infamous for breeding crazy summer nights full of spontaneity and adventure, two things just about any teenager with their head screwed on right would crave. I've got a little more than a month left of this stage in life, and I hope to make the most of it, and I promise to make my best efforts in documenting these moments on my Twitter and Instagram! Then again, I believe that the most memorable experiences don't require a camera or tweet- simply just being there and reveling in that moment can make a memory all the more stronger. So here goes adventure and craziness and screams and thrills. Here goes everything and nothing and all that comes in between.

Explicit Content

Jessica Buurman Alexander Wang-inspired Pullover | Sammydress Dress| Clarks Boots (similar here- on sale!) | City Hunter Snapback (similar here)

    A fitting label for the common reckless teenager, or should I say adult? At this stage in life between high school graduation and the entering of college as a reborn freshman, I am both nervous and excited. It's unreal how fast life is moving- just a few months ago I was nearing the end of almost 13 years of schooling, all to work towards getting an acceptance to yet another four years or so of schooling.. Is this what life comes to? For us to work hard for high scores so we can get into good schools to work even harder so that we can earn money to pay for what we worked hard for? It's a never ending cycle and we perpetuate it because we are the cycle. So us young adults, we the young and reckless, we like to deviate from the norm, and give our older generation a taste of this so-called 'explicit content' we somehow manage to manifest through the way we dress, talk, or act. Here goes nothing as I enter the next stage in life, parental guidance strongly advised.