sparkle & glitter

dress c/o dressestylist

This dress is absolutely my fave thus far. The pleats and intricate beading at the top call for a sweet yet classy look, perfect for a dance or formal party. Anyone can wear this dress and in this color and pull it off. This is definitely the dress of the season!

photos by Raena R.


vintage jacket (similar) | shoes from Threadsence | dress from Sammydress | Ralph Lauren belt | PinkBasis clutch

front view will be up on my Lookbook! Now is a crucial time in my life to choose and prepare for whatever my next step in life is, whatever and wherever that may be- so prepare yourself for a roller coaster of emotions and crazy adventures as I document everything on this blog. It's time to live life up, before it's too late!

photos by Amanda E.


Thrifted sunglasses (save here, splurge here) | Romwe top | Zara-inspired skirt from Jessica Buurman | Calvin Klein heels | Steve Madden bag (similar)

Girls night out of blissful ice-cream and pasta eating, served with a side of funny waiters. The Rainforest Cafe takes me back to being a little kid, running out thinking that the gorillas were real. Happy Birthday to my friends Sky, Raena, and Lauren, enjoy your last year as a "teen" until we're legally adults. Summer is finally here, and It's got me reflecting on how I've lived my teen years, and to learn to cherish what's left of it. It's almost time for college, and I can honestly say I am now mentally prepared for whatever happens, and that whatever disappointment, happiness, and sadness will come as it may, and the best thing I can do is just let things be. 

photos by Raena R.