white lime

  Just finished another week of testing, right after AP testing week... I swear, my brains going to fry up any minute. Posting a real short and quick excerpt today because I gotta run to a 3-hour long cheer practice. This outfit I wore one thing I practically never wear- denim jeans. You might think "everybody owns a pair of jeans!" Well, I do, I just prefer not to wear them what with my athletic short and stocky legs and the fact that I don't like to constrict them into stiff denim in the early mornings. But recently I've been admiring pale denim for the spring/summer, and when I saw these Articles of Society jeans, I practically jumped for joy. I've never felt confident in jeans, but prancing around this pair (not literally) made me feel like a honest-to-god lady. Plus it was super stretchy and comfortable!  And psst, does my hair look a little less flat than usual? I sure hope so, because I've started using a new volume-boosting shampoo/conditioner, a post to come about that!

photos by Amanda E.
Wildfox tunic. 
Threadsence sandals.
Articles of Society jeans via xPose.
The Twist Band hair tie via Bollare.


Sydney Corporate by LuisaM said...

Love the way you have tied up the top! Great look <3


Linda Greaves said...

Love the cute knot in the top! Great mix of lime yellow and white - so fresh :)

Trendy Teal

zoë said...

its pretty summer outfit.
and those shoes are sexy.




Kiki said...

i'm a huge fan of white jeans!