Wayward F/W 2014

all pics courtesy of Wayward
Definitely the best show of the night all-around. The intense music, makeup, attractive male models, and the styling entranced me and left me wanting more after the show was over all too soon. I fell in love with the Nigerian-inspired makeup that made the whole NOMAD collection all the more rustic and wild, complementing the functional-meets-fashion rider look. The teased hair and dreadlocks in addition to the wild splash of makeup along with scarves and helmets added to the mysteriousness of each look, leaving the audience wanting each model to stay on that runway for just a bit longer. I'm not a man, but I'd definitely purchase one of their pieces for a man in my life!


Emily Deccarett F/W 2014


One of my favorite shows of the evening- each piece was something I wish I could rip off the runway models and stash in my bag.. along with their makeup. The highlight of their makeup was the glitter under their eyes- it made their eyes stand out no matter what color they were. I'm only regretting that I didn't get to take a good close-up picture of one of their faces. This show was my favorite of the night, Emily Daccarett definitely has found a new dedicated fan/follower in me. With crop cuts and flowy fabrics with just the right amount of skin, every piece was to-die-for and something I could see in my closet! Glad I attended this show, it wasn't one to miss!


Mathiasen F/W 2014

photos by me

I absolutely loved all the pieces from Mathiasen's collection- each and every one was versatile and ready-to-wear, with simple cuts and a hint of slouch in each look. My favorite thing about the whole look was the dark lipstick each model had on, bringing the whole look together.