A la creme

REVOLT Society trench | thrifted dress | Calvin Klein shoes

For those of you who can't already tell, I have decided my favorite style is minimalist, to keep things clean, classy, and most importantly of all- simple. Of course it helps that my favorite colors that compose the entirety of my closet are black, white, silver, gray.  I now welcome two new neutral colors into my wardrobe: Olive and Creme- the yummy blend of a green tea frappucino with whip on a hot, humid LA day. Which brings me to the popular topic of how sunny, hot, humid, and rainy? the last week has been. Not-so-typical LA climate, and it leaves me with a fat question mark plastered to my forehead every morning when I'm deciding what to wear. The look on the first picture here is very close to the way I was looking up at the sky the other day at the sun and raindrops attacking a very umbrella-less me. How have you been adapting to the crazy LA weather lately? 


Jungle Boogie

J. Crew tank | Heavenly Couture skort | Sam Edelman boots | Aldo bag | Foreign Exchange jacket | Ralph Lauren belt

When am I not wearing white-on-white these days? This morning I walked out of the house to a sprinkling sky which then, of course, opened up to clear skies and sunny rays by late afternoon- typical L.A type of day. I also happened to stumble upon this row of Instafamous-type leaves and decided to throw my brother into a busy intersection of a parking lot to capture these photos while I tried to pretend the leaves weren't poking me uncomfortably at all angles. This year so far has been totally preoccupied by my full-time college courses, two jobs, and inconsistent blogging. I will be moving into my first townhouse this coming Monday, and I can't wait to see where my new adventures will take me this summer. Where do you see yourself this summer?



Just Kait Boutique swimsuit, shorts, and necklace | Heavenly Couture jacket | Zero UV sunnies

Leave it to me to catch up to blog posts after I am finally (yes!) done with my freshmen year of college. Happy Summer everyone!