frappy hour

  Had a stress-relieving adventurous day with Sky and her sis,  beelining it to Starbucks afterschool to beat the line for "Frappy Hour" and taking quick outfit pics plus a few silly ones, to get our minds off AP testing for just a few minutes. I have my first AP test tomorrow (AP English-agh!), and the way I'm preparing for it is just to relax and read a few interesting books such as The Carrie Diaries to get my creative juices flowing.. and then back to cramming my APUSH reading/memorizing, along with the 20 essays I procrastinated on that is due Tuesday... (lord help me) What better way to de-stress than starbucks and blogging? I paired my brother's shirt (he unwillingly let me wear) with this Insane Jungle leather skirt in a first attempt to channel my inner sporty-chic, and finding myself to really liking this outfit and the pics! (thanks Sky!)

photographed by Sky S.
Shaka T-shirt.
thrifted flannel.
Insane Jungle leather skirt.
Threadsence sandals.


Ericka Garcia said...

I love the photos and you look so cute Cindy! <3

Ericka from The Philippines

Linda Greaves said...

Loving the cool tee and plaid button down tied around your waist. Perfectly cool as usual Cindy! :)

Trendy Teal

Sydney Corporate by LuisaM said...

Such a cool 'street' look! Loving the skirt <3

Kiki said...

like your shoes and shirt:)

Ileana said...

That leather skirt is fabulous!
Love the look!
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Shirley said...

Cindy you look gorgeous girl! I SERIOUSLY LOVE THE SHIRT AND THE WHOLE TIE YOUR FLANNEL AROUND YOUR WAIST THING. No joke I think I tie my flannel around my waist like 5/7 times in the week now LOL. but i need to update my layout. sigh. yours looks soo nice! & HOLLA WE'RE DONE W/ APs! See you at school!! Stop by sometime(:

xx, Shirley