cuffed denim

Ray Ban sunnies / thrifted belt / Zooshoo blouse/ Wetseal jeans / Pinkbasis heels /The Twist Band hairtie

Hey all! Decided to change up my way of posting yet again by revealing the full post on the front page! Whaddya think? Do you prefer just showing one image linked to the rest of the post, or just all at once? Let me know in your comments! Me and my friend Jamie kicked off our 4-day weekend with a trip to Mimi's Cafe, EAT cafe, and Ulta. Scored a free smoothie from EAT- thanks JC! I am now officially announcing that I will be back on regular blogging, as often as I can- please forgive me for the inconsistency in my posts! Being in high school and the stress of getting into college can really take its toll. Just want to thank all you readers who are still here supporting me, I really appreciate it- Hugs and kisses to you all!

photos by Jamie Janchoi


Linda Greaves said...

I love the look of cuffed denim with heels. Such a classy way to dress up jeans

Trendy Teal

Sydney Corporate by LuisaM said...

The shoes are amazing! Love this look!