Insane Jungle tank / Jessica Buurman skirt / thrifted flannel 

Too bad I couldn't get any pics long-way for easy-posting, so I had to delete three good pics to save your eyes from scrolling down the entire page to read the post haha. Took a school field trip to brunch at The Grove, shopping in Topshop, and wandering around LACMA. Wearing white-on-white is my latest obsession, and if I had a white pair of chunky Wildfox pumps I would've thrown that in as well. Today was also beyond sweltering, and the white helped me ward off heat more than if I was wearing my usual darks. Overall good day, but I'm tired and have three stories to write for Journalism class, so I'll cut this short- bye!

photos by Ana M.


Ashley + Maya said...

Your shirt is adorable and I really love the shape of your skirt!
- Ashley

Not Haute

Aiko K said...

Hi Cindy! I'm planning to attend fidms 3 days of fashion this year. I was wondering if you could give me any advice/tips/your experience at the workshop (I watched your YouTube vid about it, lol) t would be an honor if you check out my blog:

Thanks for the awesome posts!

Linda Greaves said...

Oh man, your Zara skort lookalike is amazing! I love it <3

Trendy Teal

Ericka Garcia said...

OMG I want a skort RIGHT NOW! haha love your outfit! :)

Ericka from The Philippines

Mia M. said...

omg, I want those skorts now!!!



Roxana Ifrim said...

Love your shorts and the color of your shirt is so fitting for summer!

P.S: check out my new post:

zoë said...

Am loving your skort! and the look is so adorable!



Rose Charles said...

I love your outfit, you look great
Please go visit my blog and follow me on blogloving if you like it.

Cassandra Too said...

The skort is amazing! Nice outfit too.
I think you pull it off really nicely! :D

with love, Cassandra xx