"I'm ready to kick life's ass and serve up some lemonade."

     Ralph Lauren belt | Marshalls dress | Michael Antonio boots | Styles for Less vest (similar) | thrifted jacket (similar)

      It's the start of the spring semester and there's a slight buzz in the air as many students' brains are waking up from weeks of hibernation. With the start of the new year comes a chance to better oneself, if not to correct past mistakes. I, for one, aim to make my life more organized, motivated, and spontaneous. Is it possible to do all three at once? To maintain a daily schedule, stay dedicated to said schedule, and to incorporate as much travel and adventure as possible all at the same time? As much as I love the L.A lifestyle of waking up late afternoons and spending the day in bed or at the beach, I'm determined to make 2016 a lazy-free zone. No more long lists of reasons not to do something. No more giving up. Equipped with a shiny black and gold planner and a mindset ready to burn through any obstacle that may stand in my way, I'm ready to kick life's ass and serve up some lemonade. 

Photos by Kevin C.

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