Little Thoughts.

New Year... same thoughts.

        It's the peak of winter, and as the new year settles in I find myself dreading for 2016. Not only is it another year into adulthood hence more bills, stress, and whatever else may come with the harsh realities of life, but also because it is the year I will be making a drastic decision for my career and education. Those of you who may know me personally will know that I have longed to transfer to New York in order to pursue a more dedicated path into the fashion industry. Could it be a reality? yes. Am I ready to do it? maybe. Is it the most realistic thing for me to do? Hell to the no. So here I am in 2016 torn between what I am meant to do, what I can do, and what I think I can do. Am I even pursuing a career that is right for me?? I guess if asked I would say my end goal is for me to own my own business, to continue blogging, have a career in fashion, to travel indefinitely, create as I go.. They say there's a great fear for the unknown. I can definitely say that fear resides deep within me, knowing that taking these blind steps forward may either be the best thing I will ever do... or the worst.
Photos by Kevin C.

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