Comfort is always key. As much as I love layering (who doesn't?), I don't necessarily agree with how bulky layers look on my petite frame. Enter Uniqlo's HEATTECH - everyday basics with built-in thermal resistance to keep you warm to the very core. Just because they can be undergarments, doesn't mean they have to be. Read on to see how I styled my three favorite HEATTECH items in stylish, practical ways.  

     I picked out my selections from the "extra warm" HEATTECH category. They are thick enough to keep you warm as a lone layer, but also thin enough to layer under or over. The perfect blend of Spandex, polyester, Rayon, and acrylic to form the feel of smooth cashmere-cotton, if there was ever such a thing. The scoop neck Tee is by far the softest, thinnest, yet warmest tee I own to date. Don't let the thin fabric fool you- this shirt will keep you warm all on its own. Pull it off your shoulders for a trendy, dressier look!
      You haven't had real leggings until you've tried these HEATTECH extra warm leggings. These leggings are slightly high-waisted, extremely soft, and very warm. "Perfect" wouldn't even begin to describe them.  I paired them with my scoop neck tee, faux fur jacket, and socks in heels for a comfortable, eating-out look when you just feel like throwing on something comfortable and trendy. Definitely a wardrobe necessity. 
     Last but not least, I picked out this white turtleneck HEATTECH t-shirt in extra warm. It's an easy layer to be paired under sweaters or even dresses. I chose to wear mine as a top- tucked into a pair of wide leg pants and draped with an oversized trench coat.  The thin layer effectively blocked out cold wind and kept me warm throughout the evening. Nothing says "chic" like a thin turtleneck does.  


***DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by Uniqlo. All opinions expressed are my own.

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