OC Fair take #2

Romwe sunnies (similar here & here) | Vintage shorts | thrifted mesh top (similar here) | City Hunter cap 
     The fitting casual throw-on outfit for a hot, long, and tiring day wandering the OC Fair for the second time this month, mostly on the hunt for the sought-after Fried Cookie Dough. Yes, me and my group of friends did wander the entire park looking for those measly three bites of unhealthy goodness. For eight dollars and a degree of exhaustion, we finally got what we were looking for after asking an employee at a random food station. For any of you who are interested, Fried Cookie Dough is located at "Chicken Charlie's"- why a chicken shack is the only place that serves the bombtastic dessert is beyond me. On a side note, if you are looking for that 'Parental Advisory' top from my previous blog post at a lower price, you can get it for only $34 here! (your welcome) Enjoy the last few weeks of your summer shenanigans!

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look.love.wear said...

Absolutely love your outfit, been looking for a mesh tee for ages!