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Explicit Content

Jessica Buurman Alexander Wang-inspired Pullover | Sammydress Dress| Clarks Boots (similar here- on sale!) | City Hunter Snapback (similar here)

    A fitting label for the common reckless teenager, or should I say adult? At this stage in life between high school graduation and the entering of college as a reborn freshman, I am both nervous and excited. It's unreal how fast life is moving- just a few months ago I was nearing the end of almost 13 years of schooling, all to work towards getting an acceptance to yet another four years or so of schooling.. Is this what life comes to? For us to work hard for high scores so we can get into good schools to work even harder so that we can earn money to pay for what we worked hard for? It's a never ending cycle and we perpetuate it because we are the cycle. So us young adults, we the young and reckless, we like to deviate from the norm, and give our older generation a taste of this so-called 'explicit content' we somehow manage to manifest through the way we dress, talk, or act. Here goes nothing as I enter the next stage in life, parental guidance strongly advised.

1 comment:

Linda B said...

Haha, cool and cheeky sweater! I've seen it around, and I like it.

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