The Half-Tuck

First monday back to school from spring break calls for a blog post- casual school outfit. Would've probably enjoyed this day a little bit more if the wind wasn't so intent on making me flash the public. I felt like Marilyn Monroe for a good half of the day!

     Sure blouse. 
F21 sweater.
vintage watch. 
Sway Chic arrow bracelet. 
Xenia Kuhn spiked bracelet. 
bag from taiwan (similar here
vintage leather jacket. (similar here
leather skirt from taiwan (similar here
gladiator sandals from taiwan (similar here)


Ashley and Maya said...

I love the double pleats! (:
- Ashley

Not Haute

Linda Greaves said...

I wish I could look as cool trying the half tuck trend...haha

Trendy Teal

Stephanie Huang said...

adorable bag, love <3 :)

High-Stitched Voice

Andrea said...

Really cute outfit! Love it! Ur blog is so cute! :)


Nororre nororre said...

nice skirt! love it!

Ice Pandora said...

Nice edgy yet sweet outfit!
I like that a small detail
of your blouse popped out
abit :P


Mademoiselle Michelle. said...

great style, i like your blog! xxx

Rebecca Ragionieri said...

molto carina la gonna (; Reb, xoxo.

*Nuovo outfit sul mio blog, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi:

Imogen said...

Love this outfit especially the sweater and the touch of leopard print

Marlen said...

i like that little pop of coral from your shirt peaking out- that was a fun detail. and ooo a vintage leather jacket- very nice score!

xo Marlen
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Gillian Uang said...


Jacquelyn said...

Adorable look! You have great style girl!


Fabrizia said...

Really really nice, I like it so much!!
Come back soon to visit me on Cosa Mi Metto???
Win your favorite garment from Lashes of London!!

Kati said...

This is so stunning - I love the mix of textures a lot! And your hair looks so pretty, too!

Have a wonderful week,

Milex said...

Well done, darling.

whattowear said...

Love shades =)

I'll actually be in LA in 12 days. Can't see wait see what the fashion in Cali is like.