"One staple a classy woman must own is a signature scent."

It's the first month of a new year and the scent of fresh beginnings fill the air. A stampede of people sign up for gym memberships, start new diets, or change up their look racing to fulfill the "New year, new me" motto. I, for one, have given myself the arduous task of decluttering my life- from the mess in my room to the stack of work I have piled up- in order to start living the way I like my pictures to be- clean and minimal.

First and foremost, the establishment of a consistent beauty routine. My previous beauty routine was erratic at best- comprised of an irregular grab-and-go method and a wide variety of different products. This year, I’ve decided to condense and curate a personal collection of beauty staples (blog post coming soon) to live by to improve skin health and reduce clutter.
One staple a classy woman must own is a signature scent. In this post, I have discovered and reviewed two women’s fragrances: “Tender Romance” and "Romance" by Ralph Lauren. The contrasting scents were the perfect accessory this holiday season. Not only is the packaging of both fragrances compatible with my minimalistic aesthetic, the scents are both pleasing and lustworthy. So much, in fact, that I am adapting both (one at a time) to my everyday routine.
Tender Romance by Ralph Lauren is full of mystery- warm, brooding, and bittersweet, much like the alluring sophistication of sweet bourbon.The concluding aroma stirs up a scene of drinking bourbon by a warm fireside in a snowed-in cabin. The word “tender” embodies the perfume perfectly, because that is exactly what it makes one feel.

On the other hand, Romance by Ralph Lauren is flirty and fresh. The crisp, sweet scent conveys the image of a fresh floral garden and a light spring breeze. This perfume would be my ideal everyday scent.

Shop TENDER ROMANCE by Ralph Lauren here.
Shop ROMANCE by Ralph Lauren here.

***DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by Ralph Lauren. All opinions are expressed as my own.***

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