30% hazy,30% sandy,40% enlightening = 100% priceless(but not really)
 memories at my first Coachella experience.

     Much of my Coachella experience was, unfortunately dominated by the dust/sand in the air. In fact, my boyfriend and I had to skip the second day due to ourselves being bed-ridden, with a pile of tissues at our sides and being subjected to a day of bad cable TV and hour-long waits for our Postmates. However, I refused to let my Rudolf nose take my well-paid-for weekend away.

     Kevin and I had an amazing time at Day 1 and Day 3 at Coachella, and were able to squeeze in some pretty priceless hours at #theGreenHousePS, hosted by Conscious Collective Co. I had the pleasure of meeting Bethany Struble (Yay me!) Unfortunately, I wasn't in a pleasant state to meet and greet others.. did you notice the tissue in my hand in picture one?? 
     As horrifying as it was having to throw away a paid-for day at Coachella, the other two definitely made up for it. Yes, I am referring to the $12 Ice Cream doughnut sandwiches, $10 pizzas, long lines for the restrooms, and extremely windy conditions (Lesson #1: don't wear a hat to Coachella.) It's too much to describe the whole experience in words, but it's safe to say it was worth it. I'll definitely have to have another go at it next year. Hopefully I will make it to all three days next time around. *fingers crossed!
Outfit details in pictures (top to bottom) 1. REVOLT SOCIETY bodysuit | Shibue strapless undies | ALDO necklace | Lulus maxi top | Jung Maven bandana 4. REVOLT SOCIETY top | H&M loves COACHELLA shorts | necklace c/o Julz Junkie 5. Forever 21 hat | Topshop one-piece | ALDO belt (similar in gold)| Sam Edelman boots (similar) 6. REVOLT SOCIETY top | BERSHKA necklace 9. AMUSE SOCIETY dress (available in white & black) via Lulus | necklace c/o Julz Junkie 


All pictures (except this above) taken by the one and only Kevin C.

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Coachella looks incredible! Hope you had a good time...your outfits look insane and we especially like your embroidered shorts :)
Feel free to check out our latest post x

Cindy C. said...

Thank you!! I appreciate the feedback I will definitely check out your blog! Xoxo