"It's all about where you will be tomorrow because of all that you did today."

Zara Romper (similar in gray) | Marshalls denim top (tied) | thrifted coat (similar) | Steve Madden sunglasses (in black)

      I've come to learn a lot of things in my few years of college so far, and it saddens me to say it but even at the ripe young age of 20, students are already lost. It leaves me dumbfounded to see thousands of college students party every night and go to school every day, only to answer "I'm not sure" when asked what they want to do with their degree. It frustrates me even further to know students who can choose any career path merely through their financial resources or connections through their parents while some are left struggling with two jobs and unable to afford a non-paid internship position. It despairs me to see the students chasing a career pre-mapped out for them by their parents or their grandparents, sentenced to a lifetime pursuit of happiness. 
    Don't let your whole life be about chasing what's next. Live in the now, because life moves fast as hell and each day is a passing moment you don't want to regret. Don't answer "I don't really remember." when asked what you did last Monday. Knowing these situations, I am determined as hell to get to where I want need  to be by making the most of every single waking moment. As far as my dreams and goals are set, I've learned that in order to start succeeding, you really have to accept where you are now, be satisfied with it, bask in its glory, and push forward to the next step. 
     So to all of you college students out there, whether you are just applying or finishing up your last semester, know this: it is  never too late to reflect on your progress and make adjustments or even start over if need be. It's all about where you will be tomorrow because of all that you did today. So don't let the parties, parents, emotional trauma, financial struggles, etc get you down- If it scares you, it just might be the best damn decision you'll ever make.

Photos by Kevin C.

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