A la creme

REVOLT Society trench | thrifted dress | Calvin Klein shoes

For those of you who can't already tell, I have decided my favorite style is minimalist, to keep things clean, classy, and most importantly of all- simple. Of course it helps that my favorite colors that compose the entirety of my closet are black, white, silver, gray.  I now welcome two new neutral colors into my wardrobe: Olive and Creme- the yummy blend of a green tea frappucino with whip on a hot, humid LA day. Which brings me to the popular topic of how sunny, hot, humid, and rainy? the last week has been. Not-so-typical LA climate, and it leaves me with a fat question mark plastered to my forehead every morning when I'm deciding what to wear. The look on the first picture here is very close to the way I was looking up at the sky the other day at the sun and raindrops attacking a very umbrella-less me. How have you been adapting to the crazy LA weather lately? 


Melanie C. said...

Love the design of the dress! Thanks for sharing!


Veronyca Sufry said...

really love your outfit it so chic !

mind to follow each other?

look.love.wear said...

In love with your outfit! It is so simple, clean and chic and you look great, especially love those heels
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