Bare Necessities

Chanel fold-up flats | Apple iPhone 6 | Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet | Aldo handbag | Book by Christine Montross

I am proud to announce that my blogging business is back! I have invested in a new remodeling of my blog and image, and will be working toward a more minimalistic direction of clean lines and simplicity at its finest. On the topic of simplicity, my friends and I have decided to take a New Year's road trip to San Francisco, and since we are squeezing into a compact car, I have decided to pack the bare necessities (unless you count my overstuffed suitcase of clothing of course). A good book to read for on the road, a pair of throw-on flats for when your trendy shoes are getting to be a little suffocating, a wallet for all your splurging needs, a carry-all bag, and of course the handy dandy new iPhone for convenient picture-taking and social-mediaing (and yes, that is a made-up word). Follow me throughout my adventures through my Instagram and my blog posts here! 

1 comment said...

Such good essentials! Always have a good book and my iPhone on hand, as well as a camera for blog photos x
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