LA Market Week

     Today I had the pleasure of covering two shows at the California Market Center during LA Market Week (ongoing). I attended both the SELECT contemporary show as well as the TRANSIT LA shoe show, and interviewed a few designers on fall 2013 trends. Interviews and video coverage of my day can be watched on my youtube channel.

Though there were quite a few jewelry and clothing vendors at the SELECT show, the shoe-addict in me took over 
and drew me to the shoe vendors instead. At the TRANSIT LA shoe show, I was nearly jumping for joy like a 6th 
grader given a bag of candy and free ice cream. Vendors like Kari C, Enzo Angiolini, Linda RichardsGreycity, AlliMarie, Report Footwear, Matiko, Seychelles, Vince Camuto, DV by Dolce Vita, and many others showcased not 
only their ongoing spring trends but their fall 2013 trends as well. 



The whole experience was breathtaking- it was a quiet kind of satisfaction. As I reviewed my day's notes while sipping  Honest Tea & Vita Coco, I couldn't help but look around and soak in the day- my first time being out on the floor of a showroom, experiencing the reality of the trade. Many vendors, especially the ones at Grey City and Alli Marie, were extremely welcoming and cooperative. I was a little taken aback with shock at first, approaching each vendor with extreme caution while I timidly asked if I could take a picture, but I soon gained confidence (politely), and took pride in the press pass that was granted to me courtesy of the CMC. 
     For Fall 2013, you can be sure to see many shoes sporting a low, hidden heel (boots), gold accents, heeled sandals, 
and casual, thick-heeled, ankle boots. Fall 2013 forecast: casual vintage with a western influence, and a hint of glamorous gold.


Janice Lunes said...

OMG those wedges are awesome !

Also really great pictures of the store :D


Janna said...

That must have been a pretty amazing day, lucky you!

Well... said...

Haha, I saw your Instagram posts - looks amazing! :D

Trendy Teal

oomph. said...

this is heaven! love the first ones with the crosses!
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Anonymous said...

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Sixth Tractate said...

Such unique shoes! I just came across your blog and I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog and (if you like) following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! XX

zoë said...

wow! its a heaven of shoes!!!
and those are really cool ones.